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Terms & Conditions

Minimum Requirements

RTOC welcomes all off-road vehicles to join and enjoy RTOC activities with some minimum requirements. Why minimum requirements? We need to maintain minimum requirements to promote the safety of you, your vehicle, and others around you and to ensure that everyone can make it on and off the trail.

Vehicle Requirements

  • Stock Ford Raptor or vehicle be modified to the off-road performance level of at least a stock Ford Raptor (for example: a Toyota Tacoma, Dodge Ram, Chevrolet Silverado, or Nissan Frontier upgraded with bypass shocks)

  • Off-road capable wheels and tires (wheels no larger than 18 inches; at least 33 inch off-road tires)

  • Vehicle maintenance must be up to date and vehicle must be in good mechanical condition

Gear Requirements

  • VHF radio (50+ Watt mounted recommended; handhelds acceptable)

    • ​Must be programmed to the following frequencies:

      • 151.625 MHz (Weatherman)

      • 152.000 MHz (TRR1)

    • Please review and follow our Radio Etiquette Guidelines below​

  • Rear-facing amber light(s)

    • Available for rent from RTOC ​($25/day; $100 deposit; balance of deposit refunded upon return)

  • GPS unit with maps pre-loaded (See GPS Options below)

  • At least one full-size spare tire (two spares recommended) and tire plug kit


GPS Options

  • iOS Device

    • Preferred App: LeadNav

    • If using an iPad, ensure it has an LTE stack otherwise you will need a GPS puck

    • Also ensure that you set your phone/tablet to not shut off

  • Android Device

    • Preferred App: BackCountry Navigator

    • If using a tablet, ensure it has an LTE stack otherwise you will need a GPS puck

    • Also ensure that you set your phone/tablet to not shut off

  • Lowrance

    • Can be supported on trail depending on version of the device

Additional Recommended Gear

  • One or two five gallon fuel jugs

  • 12v air compressor or air tank system

  • Retrieval/towing strap or kinetic rope with soft shackles and/or d-rings

  • Off-Road auxiliary lights front and rear (for safety)

Radio Etiquette

  • Please try to keep talking to a minimum. The radio is primarily for communication of cautions, changing trail conditions, on-coming traffic, vehicle issues, stops etc.

  • Please use the following format:

    • Wait for the radio to be clear

    • Press and hold the call button for 1 second before talking

    • When calling someone: Go for NAME/Lead/Sweep

    • Acknowledge with: This is NAME/Lead/Sweep, go ahead

    • Continue with your ask, please try to be brief as long transmissions will heat up your radio

  • If a confirmation from parties is needed, you will be asked to double click your mic. Should you have questions, wait for that to stop and then use the requested format to call.

  • If you hear a CLEAR RADIO call from someone, this is due to an emergency and you need to cease radio traffic.

  • Relaying calls

    • If an ask to relay is put out, those in the middle of the group should repeat the call as there may be terrain or an obstacle blocking signal. If so, please repeat the exact call again and once you receive confirmation from the other party, relay back.