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Collins, like many Raptor owners, yearned for a chance to use his truck like saw on videos and in Raptor commercials but found the East Coast severely lacking in opportunities. Rather than sit idly by, Collins sought out off road venues and strove to grow the Raptor and pre-runner community on the East Coast. And so Raptor Takeover aka RTO was born in the Spring of 2018. With RTO growing beyond expectations, Collins has since brought onboard six enthusiasts that share the same love and motivation to provide safe and fun events up and down the East Coast. Collins had a vision, might even call it a Takeover, to host events/runs all over the United States. Collins owns a Race Red 2012 SVT Raptor, the face of RTO that is a tad on the wild side with a ton of modifications and of course American Flag flowing down the side. He is located out of South Carolina, and travels to most all events to meet fellow Raptor owners!


Mike has always been hooked to off road thrill seeking since a young age while riding ATVs, along with a devotion to Ford trucks. In early 2018 he purchased a 2018 Raptor and shortly thereafter started probing the Internet to see how everyone was utilizing their Raptors for their intended purpose, off road! It was later that year he became introduced to Collins Harper through social media, along with the Raptor Takeover. It was not long after that introduction that Mike was attending the second Pre-Run Event for the 2019 Spring event at Durhamtown Off Road Park. That event being the first real opportunity to test the abilities his truck, Mike was hooked once he hit the track! He continues to build his Raptor, which cannot be forgotten with the very unique truck bed set up and reflective red graphics. Mike has fabricated several parts to make his Raptor a one of a kind build! Mike is based in central Alabama along the Georgia state line and is also an alumni of the Ford Performance Racing School's Raptor Assault program. He has supported the Raptor Takeover events since he first heard of them and continues to reach out to new and existing Raptor owners who are seeking that chance to test the abilities of their trucks! 


From day one, Michael was determined to use his 2018 Raptor for what it was designed to do whether it be mobbing in Utah or snowy fields in Pennsylvania. Michael created the Maryland Ford Raptor Owners Group to get the community together for off road events. Michael met up with Collins when he attended Raptor Takeover Durhamtown in October 2018. Since then, Michael has partnered with Collins becoming an Event Ambassador, sharing the same off road passion, and coordinating Raptor Takeover's newest event located at Rausch Creek in Pennsylvania. Michael is an alumni of Ford Performance Racing School's Raptor Assault program, where he learned the limits of what a stock Raptor can do. Michael’s Raptor is hard to miss with its reflective orange accents and “Ford Performance Racing School” decals found on the Raptor Assault trucks. Look for his Raptor at upcoming Raptor Takeover Events!


After 7 years of racing his own car in SCCA and NASA events, Paul purchased his 2017 Ford Raptor to try something different. After a single organized run with other Raptor owners out of Nevada/California a new deep love of running in the dirt formed and he was determined to use his Raptor for what it was built for. He has racked up over 30k off-road miles and worn out several sets of tires trekking all over Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, California and Baja! Paul flew in from Idaho to join us for the Raptor Takeover event at 2019 Durhamtown Off Road Resort in Georgia and is hooked! We welcome him to the team and his goal is to put on RTO events that further people’s knowledge, confidence and skills of driving their Raptors across the varied terrain that the Western US has to offer. Look for our events coming up across the western states.


In early March 2018, Jim set out for Durhamtown Off Road Park to experience his first off road adventure in his Raptor at an event organized by none other than Collins Harper. He left that event wholly addicted to this hobby. When asked about his interest in becoming part of Raptor Takeover, Jim jumped at the invitation. Jim now looks forward to funneling his enthusiasm into off road events for those who already share, or will soon share, his addiction. While modifications to his 2017 Raptor are just getting under way, Jim did take the plunge, chopped off his frame horns, and is now running a frame cut bumper. Although Jim is based in North Carolina, don’t be surprised when you see him at events far from NC in the near future.


Cody is a North Carolina native, and is no stranger to off-roading. It all started with his father on ATVs before moving to full-size vehicles, specifically Ford Broncos and F-150s. When the Ford Raptor was released  offering a new experience into off-roading, owning one became a dream for Cody. Being a broke college student at the time, Cody set his sights on working towards owning a Raptor. Finish school, make something of himself, and get a Raptor to enjoy with his dad. In early 2018, Cody finally purchased his first raptor, a 2012 Hennessey VelociRaptor and met up with Collins, Jim, and Db for the first time at Fort Fisher in July. The following fall he participated in his first true off-road experience with his Raptor at RTO Durhamtown, and since then the addiction has taken over. In 2019, Cody fulfilled his second goal: acquired a 2010 Raptor for his father so that they can continue their passion together.


DB has always been an off-road enthusiast, since living near the coast of North Carolina. DB shares a passion for off-roading with his son, Jax. DB's 2012 Ford SVT Raptor carries the name of 352r because DB and Jax share the same birthday (3/5)! DB's Raptor is hard to miss with it’s unique wrap flaunting black, silver, and neon green! DB connected with Collins on Facebook after seeing a post organizing the original Durhamtown in March of 2018 and has been to almost every RTO event possible. DB loved the capability of the factory Ford Raptor, but yearned to take it to the next level. After speaking with many influential people in the Raptor community, DB upgraded to 3.0 Fox shocks and much more! You can't miss DB and Jax at events as they are always out front welcoming everyone! DB will be coordinating our RTO Family Days on the NC Coast and helping grow the community that RTO represents.


Chad has always loved off-roading. When he purchased his 2012 Raptor, he started looking for places to test its capabilities. His first event with Raptor Takeover was at the November 2018 Rausch Creek event in Pennsylvania. From that moment, Chad was hooked to the RTO family. Always willing to lend a hand with events, Chad jumped at the opportunity when Collins approached him about being an RTO Ambassador. After some initial hesitation, Chad’s son Joshua talked him into modifying his Raptor, so look for the Raptor scale and American Flag covered Raptor at the events. Even though Chad is a Northeast Ambassador, don’t be surprised to see him at many (if not all) of the RTO events!