RTO Club Utah (August 2019)

Welcome back to Utah! Known for living at a higher elevation, Utah offers a lot of outdoor activities across varied terrain! We will be doing some trail running out of Nephi and a day at the Little Sahara Dunes. The first day will be ~230 miles of trails, with a mining tunnel, an old home stead to check out, a mountain peak where you can see in all directions for miles and more. The second day will be at the Little Sahara Dunes. Sterling from Sterling's Wild West will be out there that day to help us get our feet sandy learning how to read dunes and play safely. (NOTE: To play in the dunes a whip/flag is required either front or rear mounted, along with an $18 fee to enter for the day.)


For those who would like a more relaxed start for the weekend’s activities please contact the Best Western Paradise Inn in Nephi to book a room. This will allow those of you who are coming from a distance to have a place to rest and relax before a weekend on the trails.


Maps will be e-mailed to you the week of the event so you can pre-load them on your GPS of choice.


We will be tracking mileage and you can either use your odometer, or an app of your choice. Be aware due to the variances of tire size, slippage, rotating rates etc., mileage may be off. If using an iDevice check out GPS Speed, it is a free app and does a great job tracking speed and mileage.

Lunch and Liquids for both Days

Please make sure to pack plenty of water/liquids, snacks and bring a lunch both days! No alcohol is allowed until the event is over.

Minimum Requirements & Required Equipment

Please see the required equipment list here: https://www.raptortakeover.com/club

Additional Information

Please see the various GPS options, recommended gear and radio etiquette here: https://www.raptortakeover.com/club-details





Pre-Event – Aug 16th


  • Hotel Address: Best Western Paradise Inn - 1025 S Main St, Nephi, UT 84648 (breakfast included!)

  • Group Dinner - 7pm - Lisa's Country Kitchen - 735 S Main St, Nephi, UT 8464 - A short walk from the hotel.

    • We will be getting together for an informal group dinner. Please do not stress if you cannot make this. You can also complete registration, sign the waivers and pick up your shirt and decals at dinner or the next morning.



Day 1: Aug 17th – Trail Running 


  • Start Address and Hotel:  Best Western Paradise Inn - 1025 S Main St, Nephi, UT 84648

  • 8:00am: Mandatory Driver’s Meeting

    • A drivers’ meeting will be held in the hotel parking lot to go over the rules of the trail as well as make sure everyone has the required gear. This is also a chance for participants to ask questions and get assistance on any part of trail setup.

  • 8:15am: Departure

    • Head to the Chevron/Phillips 66 station for fuel and airing down.

  • 12:00pm: Lunch ~1 hour

    • Lunch stop will be atop a Mountain Peak where we will do a photo/video op, along with a group photo of everyone.

  • 1:00pm: Depart from Lunch stop

    • After lunch we will have the opportunity to stop at a truck wash of sorts. You must see it to believe it! If there is any mud, there won't be when you are done washing it.

  • 3-4pm: Stop in Eureka to check out stuck in time with buildings and equipment from the mining era.

  • 5pm: End at Maverik Adventure's First Stop - 725 E Main St, Santaquin, UT 84655 where we can fuel and air up, and talk with one of our Sponsors!

  • ~6pm: Group Dinner - Maracas Mexican Grill - 340 E Main St, Santaquin, UT 84655

    • We will have dinner right after our stop at Maverik's.



Day 2: Aug 18th – Little Sahara Dunes


  • Start Address and Hotel:  Best Western Paradise Inn - 1025 S Main St, Nephi, UT 84648

  • 8:00am: Leave from the hotel at 8am, it is a 40-minute drive to the Little Sahara Dunes - Sand Mount Rd, Nephi, UT 84648

    • NOTE: You must have a whip and a flag mounted to your vehicle and there is an $18 fee for the day to enter. 

    • This day we will be out playing in the dunes with our trucks or any other toys you may have brought along. We will have none other than Sterling from Sterling's Wild West out to help us learn how to drive in and be safe at the dunes. He will provide a safety briefing and things to watch out for and how to read the sand. Afterwards there will be a follow the leader style route that you can run to get a feel for the dunes. It's a trip the first time out!

    • There will be a central spot where you can put up pop-ups for shade, enjoy snacks/drinks/food, or hang and enjoy the company of others.

  • 12:00pm: Lunch

    • We would like to stage the trucks in the sand for a photo/video op along with another group photo, otherwise the day is yours!

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